Sponsoring Affiliates

Find out how your favorite animal shelter can benefit from this Program!

Do you have a charity or animal shelter that would benefit from extra proceeds?

You can register to become an affiliate of Feline Feng Shui and for each referred sale that you make, you will earn $15. If you wish to get your local charity / animal shelter on board for this, it’s easy and free!

Simply register here to become an affiliate and once you receive your unique affiliate link, share it with friends and family, your e-mail/newsletter list and/or on social media as well as posting the event on your website! This will ensure that it is seen by the largest number of people thus earning you more commissions!

Already an affiliate? Click here to login. Once you become an affiliate, you can also download our social media updates here and replace the link we have in the document with your specific link. Shorten the link prior to using it using Google’s link shortener or the Bit.ly service. You can also pre-schedule your updates using Hootsuite.

To find your specific program link:

  • Login to the affiliate center
  • Click on “Programs”
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and click “Next”
  • Look for the Feline Feng Shui program and click “Click here for your affiliate links, Banners and other Available Media Types”
  • Copy the link that appears on that screen

That’s it! Now you can use it in your social media updates, e-mails and wherever else you’d like to promote the teleclass.

Questions? E-mail us at support@kumarihealing.com.